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Длина дистанции
205 km
Дата проведения
25 May 2019г.
Лимит преодоления дистанции
28 часов
Баллы ITRA

Distance length is 205 km. Route is covering 3 stages in the following order: “Elton Night Ultra” (84 km), “Botkul Ultra” (100 km), “Gagarin Race” (21 km). 

Time limits:
Start 25th of May at 17:00
Check point: Krasnaia Derevnia (48 km)  - you must leave till 23:00 (6 hours).
Check point: Starting town (84 km) - till 03:00 (10 h).
Check point: Bolshoi Simkin (117 km) - till 08:00 (15 h) on the way to the lake Botkul.
Total time limit is  28 hours (till 21:00 May, 26.)

To obtain an admission to the registration for the longest and most difficult distance Lost Lakes Ultra you must meet conditions:
1) be over 21 years old,
2) to confirm ultramarathon experience: finished official races over 100 km during the last 18 months.
*The organizers reserve the right to refuse any candidate, if they do not consider his experience sufficient to complete this race.
Before registering, please read carefully the Regulation.

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